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Consider the representation of women in James Bond films

Since 1962, when the primary film was created, an aggregate of 22 James Bond films have been made. The James Bond establishment has become incredibly mainstream and notable everywhere throughout the world. Albeit each film is extraordinary in its own specific manner and the storyline varies from film to film, there are sure nonexclusive highlights that have become things the crowd perceives and hopes to discover in all Bond films. These highlights incorporate firearm battles, vehicle pursues (typically including an Aston Martin), extraordinary areas, contraptions, miscreants and last, however positively not least, young ladies. These things make up a sort of ‘Bond mixed drink' that the crowd of these movies has come to adore and that has made these movies as effective as they may be. Umberto Eco depicted the Bond account as, ‘a arrangement of proceeds onward a chess board, with characters playing out their standard capacities. ‘ This alludes to how the Bond films all have comparable pieces or fixings and they each have a section to play to make up this ‘Bond mixed drink' like how chess pieces all have various moves they can make. One of the most significant of those conventional highlights is the Bond young ladies. Bond young ladies additionally have certain standards that the crowd anticipates that them should satisfy in the movies and they have gotten well known for. The implications of the term Bond young ladies are regularly appealing, alluring and explicitly accessible, particularly to Bond. Notwithstanding, Bond is regularly observed to utilize the ladies as toys for his pleasure that he frequently lays down with and afterward disposes of. They are consistently depicted as requiring Bond's assurance and acting in an extremely detached and compliant way towards Bond. In any case, it is far from being obviously true regarding whether this isn't the situation with all ladies in Bond movies and a few people accept that some Bond ladies are freed and they use Bond themselves as opposed to it being the other path round. The meaning of freed is ‘not limited by conventional or sexual jobs' and for this to apply to the female characters in Bond films they would need to abstain from satisfying their customary jobs in the movies. The conventional job of ladies would be as housewives that stay at home and do household undertakings while the men go out to work. In sexual terms ladies would generally get hitched and settle down and just have sexual relations with one man. A major customary job of ladies is that they are underdog to men and men are increasingly predominant and have control over ladies. Two Bond films where ladies play extremely huge parts and are exhibited in various manners are, ‘Goldfinger' and ‘The World Is Not Enough'. Goldfinger was first screened in 1964 and was one of the main Bond films delivered; when crowds were simply being acquainted with the ‘Bond mixed drink' and all the more explicitly, Bond young ladies. The story follows Bond as he attempts to ruin the plans of the reprobate Goldfinger who intends to pollute all the gold in Fort Knox so his own gold increments significantly in esteem. This would seriously harm the world economy and Bond needs to prevent Goldfinger from exploding an atomic bomb so as to spare the gold. One of the principle ladies in this film is Pussy Galore; she is a pilot utilized by Goldfinger that is over and over given the activity of accompanying and dealing with Bond, before exchanging sides, with Bond's impact, and assisting with halting Goldfinger. The other two ladies that play significant parts in the film are sisters, Jill and Tilly Masterson. Jill at first works for Goldfinger, before meeting with Bond and afterward being murdered by Goldfinger as discipline. Following this, Tilly endeavors to kill Goldfinger for retribution; anyway she gets associated with Bond in the process before additionally being slaughtered by Goldfinger's partner in crime, Oddjob. ‘The World Is Not Enough' was discharged right around 40 years after the fact in 1999, which means it was focused on an increasingly present day crowd and this is obvious all through the film. The storyline is like that of ‘Goldfinger', as a scoundrel (this time a man called Renard) is endeavoring to explode a stretch of oil pipe line with an atomic bomb, which means the main flexibly of oil can come through one pipeline. This pipeline is possessed by Elektra King who is at first intended to be blameless and under Bond's insurance until it is uncovered she is working with Renard. Bond at that point faces the assignment of halting the bomb with the assistance of an atomic physicist called Dr. Christmas Jones. Aside from Christmas and Elektra there is one other lady that has a major job in the film and that is M (head of MI6); which appears differently in relation to ‘Goldfinger' in which M was a man. In the 1960's the jobs of ladies were changing a great deal. During the Second World War ladies had been allowed the chance to proceed to do â€Å"men's† occupations in industrial facilities as the men were abroad battling the war. After this ladies started to draw nearer to uniformity with men and they began to have their own opportunity. They were not, at this point just housewives that were substandard compared to men and this disposition proceeded into the 1960's. In Goldfinger this is noticeable on the grounds that the ladies in Pussy Galore's flying carnival are pilots, which is a serious troublesome and convoluted occupation. In any case, there are likewise parts of this film show that ladies might not have arrived at complete correspondence with men yet, as a portion of the female characters seem powerless both truly and intellectually and are kept separate from significant occasions. Woman's rights is tied in with perceiving the requirement for ladies to have correspondence with men and women's activists work to make that fairness. In history there have been three significant rushes of woman's rights and one of those occurred soon after the Second World War, proceeding up until the beginning of the 60's. This flood in ladies crusading for correspondence worked close by the way that ladies had substantiated themselves in men's employments during the war and, albeit a few men loathed it, ladies made an extremely huge advance towards full fairness with men. In the 1990's, perspectives towards ladies had changed much more and were fundamentally the same as today. Ladies had equity with men and could basically carry out any responsibility that would have before been viewed as work only for men. This is appeared in ‘The World Is Not Enough' where Dr. Christmas Jones is an atomic physicist which is an incredibly difficult activity and she should be astute to do it. In any case, a portion of the Bond young ladies in the film despite everything appear to simply be utilized as sexual items by Bond and this would recommend they are not completely freed regardless of arriving at equity with men. Two key pieces of both the movies are the initial credits. In ‘Goldfinger' pictures from the film are anticipated onto the body of a lady, who is painted in gold, utilizing multi-layering. The implications of gold are things like valuable and imaginatively satisfying and this could be an allegorical image for ladies, as the young lady is still and extremely uninvolved so she gives off an impression of being something to be taken a gander at and acknowledged outwardly. Gold is additionally a high worth product that can be purchased and sold and this could likewise represent ladies being practically similar to assets that men can possess and that they can be purchased and exchanged. Nonetheless, the ladies is likewise wearing a two-piece, which was an in vogue thing of dress in the 60's and could be worn just to underline that the lady is to be taken a gander at in light of the fact that it is a noteworthy garment. However, this could likewise show the freedom of ladies since it shows the more liberal disposition of the 60's that permitted ladies to be increasingly open and free explicitly. The initial credits in ‘The World Is Not Enough' vary marginally from those in ‘Goldfinger' as there is currently more than one young lady and they are shrouded in oil as opposed to gold. This shows the film is increasingly present day, as oil is most likely now as, if not progressively, important than gold and this implies it has indistinguishable sort of meanings from gold; it is over the top expensive and valuable. In any case, these titles complexity to those in ‘Goldfinger' in light of the fact that the ladies are significantly increasingly dynamic and are moving, yet they are moving in a serious provocative manner which could mean the crowd is being welcome to take a gander at them and respect them, which is like ‘Goldfinger'. The young ladies are additionally totally stripped which speaks to how ladies have become considerably more explicitly freed since ‘Goldfinger' and bareness had gotten progressively worthy with the crowd. A significant piece of the titles in ‘The World Is Not Enough' is the tune and all the more explicitly the verses. Initially, the tune is sung by a lady and the eminent verse is, ‘We realize when to kiss, we realize when to slaughter. ‘ This proposes ladies are brilliant and underhanded and can be executioners simply as they can be sweethearts, which conflicts with the conventional thought that they are loving and maternal and not brutal by any means. This could likewise be straightforwardly connected to the character of Elektra King who utilizes her body all through the film to lure men to get her own particular manner and is additionally engaged with her dad's homicide toward the beginning. In ‘Goldfinger', the main female character we meet is an artist. She is very appealing and sparsely clad, which demonstrates she is dressed to be taken a gander at and to engage the men she is moving for. This is appeared by a high edge camera shot that at first chooses her among the men and they are for the most part seeing her body. At the point when Bond is addressing his companion he investigates at the artist and says, ‘I have some incomplete business to take care of. ‘ This is very harsh in light of the fact that he isn't alluding to her as an individual, which additionally proposes she doesn't mean especially to him. The word ‘business' is particularly significant here in light of the fact that he is somewhat saying she resembles work that he needs to finish and that's it. At the point when he at that point goes to see her she is at first exposed in the shower and there is a camera shot of her without any protection, this shows she is defenseless and Bond has the force in the circumstance since he is completely dressed and remaining over her. At that point when she goes to kiss Bond he coincidentally jabs

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Business Ethics Reflection Essay

In any association laborers can confront moral predicaments. On a day by day essential individuals are presented with moral situations and need to choose to settling on the right or an inappropriate decision. Some may not understand yet we settle on moral work decisions now and again and may not understand it. For example you are late to work and they have just been given a last admonition. At the point when we come in nobody is there to see that you are late. Do you get in and begin functioning as though you were on schedule, or do you check in where your time will be reported and recorded that you were late. This circumstance is one that my kindred associates face on day by day nuts and bolts. I have seen that when presented with this moral decision they decide to do what is right for them, not really what is right by the association. We may check whether as covering our own behind, yet it really damages ones business morals. What some may not understand is that business morals and individual qualities reflect each other intently. In business they ask equivalent to society, no lying, taking or cheating. Assume liability and do what is right, settle on the right choice. The main inquiry is who do you settle on the right choice for, you or the organization. In that circumstance most have decide to pay special mind to self. At the point when it comes down to settling on moral decisions that may put one self in danger individuals picked themselves over the business. This is when individual qualities may become possibly the most important factor. To do address by whom, yourself or the organization that you work for? In most close to home estimation one would state to consistently pay special mind to self first. So in their book the choice to not tell anybody that they were late does only that. Moral ideas are fundamentally the same as qualities, its one inborn capacity to do what is right with in. The equivalent is with ethicalness, Virtue-based moral speculations place less accentuation on which rules individuals ought to follow and rather center around helping individuals grow great character qualities (Cline). There are numerous outer weights that could have affected the choice to cover ones behind and not tell anybody that they were late, for example, the current prudent status. In the event that the nation isn't doing great financially and individuals think that its difficult to acquire a great job inside a sensible measure of time. At that point one would resistant decide to abuse business morals. Other outside weights could be their current budgetary state. Individuals that are in superior to average money related positions or are monetarily steady. I could keep on posting other outer circumstances that could influence a person’s capacity to make what they may see as the right business choice refrain the best good choice for one self. Whenever set in a comparative circumstance I would decide to pay special mind to self. At the point when I consider my bringing and what I was instructed I was constantly educated to do what is best for me and my family. Despite who might be influenced, ensuring that my family was constantly dealt with started things out. Despite the fact that it may not be the best decision for all included, it is the best for me and mine. At the point that I am in life I settle on my choice shrewdly. I first consider who will be influenced by the decision that I make. On the off chance that I would decide to tell that I was late and face being ended and that would put my family in danger for some monetary shakiness. I realize that numerous decision that we are compelled to make in our business life can be untrustworthy with regards to work. In any case, in our own life they are viewed as moral just as ethically right decisions. With regards to choices they will never be what is best for all. All individuals in the gathering need to settle on the decision that is best for them. Righteousness, worth and good ideas are what individuals decide to live by to assist them with managing them in their own and expert lives.

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How Genes Influence Child Development

How Genes Influence Child Development Theories Developmental Psychology Print How Genes Influence Child Development By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Updated on August 18, 2019 Thanasis Zovoilis / Getty Images More in Theories Developmental Psychology Behavioral Psychology Cognitive Psychology Personality Psychology Social Psychology Biological Psychology Psychosocial Psychology What determines how a child develops? While it is impossible to account for each and every influence that contributes to who a child eventually becomes, what researchers can do is look at some of the most apparent factors. These include things such as genetics, parenting, experiences, friends, family, education, and relationships. By understanding the role that these factors play, researchers are better able to identify how such influences contribute to development. Think of these influences as building blocks. While most people tend to have the same basic building blocks, these components can be put together in an infinite number of ways. Consider your own overall personality. How much of who you are today was shaped by your genetic background, and how much is a result of your lifetime of experiences? This question has puzzled philosophers, psychologists, and educators for hundreds of years and is frequently referred to as the nature versus nurture debate. Are we the result of nature (our genetic background) or nurture (our environment)? Today, most researchers agree that child development involves a complex interaction of both nature and nurture. While some aspects of development may be strongly influenced by biology, environmental influences may also play a role. For example, the timing of when the onset of puberty occurs is largely the results of heredity, but environmental factors such as nutrition can also have an effect. From the earliest moments of life, the interaction of heredity and the environment works to shape who children are and who they will become. While the genetic instructions a child inherits from his parents may set out a road map for development, the environment can impact how these directions are expressed, shaped or event silenced. The complex interaction of nature and nurture does not just occur at certain moments or at certain periods of time; it is persistent and lifelong. In this article, well take a closer look at how biological influences help shape child development. Well learn more about how our experiences interact with genetics and learn about some of the genetic disorders that can have an impact on child psychology and development. The Earliest Period of Child Development At its very beginning, the development of a child starts when the male reproductive cell, or sperm, penetrates the protective outer membrane of the female reproductive cell, or ovum. The sperm and ovum each contain chromosomes that act as a blueprint for human life. The genes contained in these chromosomes are made up of a chemical structure known as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) that contains the genetic code, or instructions, that make up all life. Except for the sperm and ova, all cells in the body contain 46 chromosomes. As you might guess, the sperm and ova each contain only contain 23 chromosomes. This ensures that when the two cells meet, the resulting new organism has the correct 46 chromosomes. How Environment Influences Gene Expression So how exactly do the genetic instructions passed down from both parents influence how a child develops and the traits they will have? In order to fully understand this, it is important to first distinguish between a childs genetic inheritance and the actual expression of those genes. A genotype refers to all of the genes that a person has inherited. A phenotype is how these genes are actually expressed. The phenotype can include physical traits, such as height and color or the eyes, as well as nonphysical traits such as shyness and extroversion. While your genotype may represent a blueprint for how children grow up, the way that these building blocks are put together determines how these genes will be expressed. Think of it as a bit like building a house. The same blueprint can result in a range of different homes that look quite similar but have important differences based on the material and color choices used during construction. Factors That Influence How Genes Are Expressed Whether or not a gene is expressed depends on two different things: the interaction of the gene with other genes and the continual interaction between the genotype and the environment. Genetic Interactions: Genes can sometimes contain conflicting information, and in most cases, one gene will win the battle for dominance. Some genes act in an additive way. For example, if a child has one tall parent and one short parent, the child may end up splitting the difference by being of average height. In other cases, some genes follow a dominant-recessive pattern. Eye color is one example of dominant-recessive genes at work. The gene for brown eyes is dominant and the gene for blue eyes is recessive. If one parent hands down a dominant brown eye gene while the other parent hands down a recessive blue eye gene, the dominant gene will win out and the child will have brown eyes.Gene-Environment Interactions: The environment a child is exposed to both in utero and throughout the rest of his or her life can also impact how genes are expressed. For example, exposure to harmful drugs while in utero can have a dramatic impact on later child development. Height is a good example of a genetic trait that can be influenced by environmental factors. While a childs genetic code may provide instructions for tallness, the expression of this height might be suppressed if the child has poor nutrition or chronic illness. Genetic Abnormalities Genetic instructions are not infallible and can go off track at times. Sometimes when a sperm or ovum is formed, the number of chromosomes may divide unevenly, causing the organism to have more or less than the normal 23 chromosomes. When one of these abnormal cells joins with a normal cell, the resulting zygote will have an uneven number of chromosomes. Researchers suggest that as many as half of all zygotes that form have more or less than 23 chromosomes, but most of these are spontaneously aborted and never develop into a full-term baby. In some cases, babies are born with an abnormal number of chromosomes. In every case, the result is some type of syndrome with a set of distinguishing characteristics. Abnormalities of the Sex Chromosomes The vast majority of newborns, both boys and girls, have at least one X chromosome. In some cases, about 1 in every 500 births, children are born with either a missing X chromosome or an additional sex chromosome. Klinefelter syndrome, Fragile X syndrome,  and Turner syndrome are all examples of abnormalities involving the sex chromosomes. Kleinfelters syndrome is caused by an extra X chromosome and is characterized by a lack of development of the secondary sex characteristics and as well as learning disabilities. Fragile X syndrome is caused when part of the X chromosome is attached to the other chromosomes by such a thin string of molecules that it seems in danger of breaking off. It can affect both males and females, but the impact can vary. Some with Fragile X show few if any signs, while others develop mild to severe mental retardation. Turner syndrome occurs when only one sex chromosome (the X chromosome) is present. It affects only females and can result in short stature, a webbed neck and a lack of secondary sex characteristics. Psychological impairments associated with Turner syndrome include learning disabilities and difficulty recognizing emotions conveyed through facial expressions. Down Syndrome The most common type of chromosomal disorder is known as trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. In this case, the child has three chromosomes at the site of the 21st chromosomes instead of the normal two. Down syndrome is characterized by facial characteristics including a round face, slanted eyes, and a thick tongue. Individuals with Down syndrome may also face other physical problems including heart defects and hearing problems. Nearly all individuals with Down syndrome experience some type of intellectual impairment, but the exact severity can vary dramatically. Final Thoughts Clearly, genetics have an enormous influence on how a child develops. However, it is important to remember that genetics is just one piece of the intricate puzzle that makes up a childs life. Environmental variables including parenting, culture, education, and social relationships also play a vital role.

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Crime And The Criminal Justice System - 1511 Words

Since the beginning of civilized society there has always been a need to have a system in place in order to ensure that the laws of the land are followed by all. This system, today, is called the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system is very important in serving the individual needs and society’s needs by making individuals feel safe and secure and by fulfilling societal requirements of punishing that criminal element that infringes on those needs of individuals. The role that the criminal justice professional is vital when it comes to ensuring that individual and societal needs are being met which will in fact keep a certain amount of balance within the system itself. Keeping the balance between the needs of the individual and the needs of society is a juggling act in which society has a demand for punishment and the individual has a demand for a sense of security. There are several key issues that contribute to the need for a criminal justice practitioner. The first issue is crime. Crime effects both the individual and society at the same time. As crime goes up the individual will feel less safe which will then reflect negatively as a society that has failed. The criminal justice practitioner that can directly effect this issue is the police officer/force. Their role in society is to catch criminals and prevent crimes. When this is done successfully the individual will feel safe and secure which will directly reflect upon the society thoseShow MoreRelatedCrime And Crime : The Criminal Justice System Essay1520 Words   |  7 Pagesanalyzed various aspects of crime and criminality. Through continued study and ongoing research, criminologists have developed various theories as per the causes of different types of crime, whether or not some individuals are predisposed to certain types of criminal activity, legal processes of the criminal justice system, and how criminal offenders are processed. Canada’s criminal justice sys tem comprises and constitutes various stages and components. The criminal justice system is a significant toolRead MoreCriminal Crime And The Criminal Justice System1693 Words   |  7 PagesCriminal Profiler/Psychologist’s are people in the Criminal Justice System that create psychological profiles of criminals in order to identify behavioral patterns, in efforts to help officers narrow down their searches to people who fit that particular description. Profiler’s examine crime scenes, analyze evidence, read reports from investigators, write reports, and interview witnesses and victims in order to collect information. They may work for local, state, or federal law enforcement. ProfilersRead MoreThe Crime Of The Criminal Justice System963 Words   |  4 Pagesnews reports, crime daily. Crime is something that we cannot run from in today’s society; so we depend highly upon the justice system. Criminal Justice is a major concern. Criminal Justice consists of th ree areas: our police, courts and corrections department. The Criminal Justice system was put in place by these agencies, and established by the governments to help control the crimes and applies penalties to those that violate the law. Many people feel that the criminal justice system is there toRead MoreThe Crime Of The Criminal Justice System1266 Words   |  6 Pages The criminal justice system in England and Wales is made up of multiple agencies which all have different responsibilities, however they share the main objective of maintaining and enforcing the rule of law. The International Bar Association (2005) describes the Rule of Law as ‘the foundation of a civilized society’ with a society’s formal response to crime being the responsibility of the criminal justice system ‘more specifically in terms of a series of decisions and actions being taken by a numberRead MoreThe Crimes Of The Criminal Justice System968 Words   |  4 Pagestechnology, there are different types of crimes that can be committed. These crimes have been traditionally defined as either computer crimes or cybercrimes. The distinction in the two types of crimes seems to focus primarily on whether the crime can be committed without the use of technology and if the computer itself was actively involved with the crime. However, both types have created issues with the criminal justice system with how criminals are committing their crimes, the difficulties in law enforcementRead MoreCrime and the Criminal Justice System1111 Words   |  5 PagesCrime and the Criminal Justice System The criminal justice system and the process have molded the laws of the United States to its current existence. The judicial system is designed to punish those who commit crimes against one another and for those who break the laws in other ways. According to Pearson (2012), crime can be defined as conduct in violation of the state, the federal government, or a local jurisdiction for which there is no legally acceptable justification or excuse. Pearson (2012)Read MoreCrime And Criminal Justice System974 Words   |  4 Pagescontrolled by policing to deal with the ‘problem’ of ‘crime’. Although there are various perceptions of what ‘crime’ is and means, we can view it as an offence or act which is able to be punished by the Law. Despite this, the Police arguably omit ‘crimes’ caused by particular individuals or groups such as; the bourgeois and white males and females. Many occasions these responses deny less privileged and minority groups equality within the criminal justice system, furthermore breaking the rule of Law. An ideologyRead MoreThe Crime Of The Criminal Justice System1696 Words   |  7 Pages The Criminal Justice system has become an increasingly popular subject in America due to television, movies, and the media. This is due to crime and punishing crime being romanticized and the population becoming more desensitized. Some of the most appealing shows to the American people are the ones that include criminal investigations. However, the crime television shows that people view on a daily basis is extremely different from the actual Criminal Justice system, especially homicide investigationsRead MoreCrime System And Criminal Justice System Essay1399 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction: The criminal justice system has evolved on the decades. From initially being constituted by the victim to eventually becoming constituted by written laws. There have been several changes made within the justice system, so in the following I will discuss my perspectives of the researched information and the noted changes of a system that was created by the people for the people. Topic I – Victim Justice System vs. Criminal Justice System A. Responsibilities of the victim’s past/presentRead MoreCrime And The Criminal Justice System1561 Words   |  7 Pages Introduction: Over the past 30 years, crime has become a major issue of public concern, of political discussion and action, often intemperate and not likely to reduce crime, and of major public expenditure. Despite its salience in public arena, very little is known about the factors driving the crime trend, and the knowledge base is too limited to support intelligent forecasts of the direction in which crime rates are moving, especially when changing direction. Developing

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Project Guidelines Free Essays

APPENDIX A: FILM REVIEW PROJECT GUIDELINES (General) I. Select an Appropriate Topic A. Relevant and Appropriate: Check the following websites for ideas: 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Project Guidelines or any similar topic only for you Order Now http://www. sampsoncc. edu/staff/pwolf 2. http://www. apa. org/monitor B. Be Specific: Narrow general topics down! C. Researchable: Search http://www. nclive. org for â€Å"hits† II. Title page A. Title of Project B. Date C. Student’s Name D. Course Number E. Abstract (1-paragraph summary) III. Text or Body A. Five (5) Full Pages, typed (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman Font) B. APA Text Note Documentation Required! (Get help on my website! C. Review the Film: Informatively describe the disorder/issue â€Å"raised† in the film. D. Apply appropriate Psychological 1. Theories (Psychodynamic, Behavioral, etc. ) 2. Studies (case/experimental/correlational, etc. ) IV. Bibliography A. MINIMUM 5References 1. May use an encyclopedia a. Use only a specialized encyclopedia (i. e. psychiatry, psychology, etc. ) b. Avoid general ones (i. e. Wikipedia, World Book, Britannica, etc. ) 2. May use a textbook a. Abnormal Psychology b. Psychiatric Nursing 3. USE at least tw o or three of the following: a. Magazine, journal and/or newspaper articles b. Interviews c. Valid Internet sources, i. e. http://www. nclive. org http://www. ask. com B. List Sources in Alphabetical Order, by author’s last name (APA Style) C. Include Complete Bibliographic Information SPECIAL NOTES: . * Late projects will be subject to a 10 point per day penalty! * Late projects must be HAND DELIVERED to Mr. Wolf in his office, by the student. *Search for APA Text Note and Reference Page examples on my website: http://www. sampsoncc. edu/staff/wolf *Additional assistance available through SCC Student Support Services (Turoring) Appendix B: Detailed Project Guidelines: Abnormal Psychology Film Review [pic] In addition to their sheer entertainment value, popular movies often depict psychological disorders. There is certainly no shortage of â€Å"Abnormal Psychology movies† available for viewing; however, many provide inaccurate portrayals of psychological behaviors, traits and disorders. This often leads to the public at large having a distorted view of what Psychopathology is or how Clinical Psychologists work. Remember from General Psychology, a major part of becoming a â€Å"critical thinker† is becoming a critical consumer of popular information. Your mission in this assignment is to choose a film with an abnormal psychological theme or issue, research the theme or issue portrayed in the film, and then carefully analyze how well or accurately you believe the movie presented the theme to the viewing audience. Instructions: 1. Choose a movie from the attached list. I have indicated which are available from the SCC Library. The remainder may be rented from Netflix, a local video store or perhaps borrowed from a friend or family member. 2. View the movie at least once). Even if you have seen the movie previously, watch it again. You will need to pay very close attention to hat is being portrayed and you should probably take some notes. They will come in handy later, as you write your paper. 3. Write a reaction/research paper using the following guidelines: a. In an opening paragraph (or two), summarize the plot of the movie. Remember, this is a summation; I don’t need a description of every scene. b. Find three to five int ernet articles that deal with the specific type of psychological disorder/issue portrayed in the movie (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Aversive Therapy, Insanity Defense, etc. ) and then write at least three pages on what you have learned from your internet research. You may also use your textbook as one of your sources, if you wish. Make sure to cite your sources in APA style, in the body of your paper and on your reference page. (See my website for examples) c. In the final portion of your paper, you will analyze (based upon your www. nclive. org internet research) how well you think the movie portrayed its abnormal psychological theme. You will do this by addressing the following questions: How did the depiction of __________ in the film compare to what you learned in doing your research? Do you believe the film to be of educational value to the general public regarding its psychological content? Was the subject matter treated in a humorous manner? If so, do you think this took away from the seriousness of the psychological disorder being depicted in the film (or did it help by making a serious point without â€Å"blowing the audience away†)? Which specific scenes (if any) in the film provided particular insight into the psychological disorder/issue being portrayed? Did you learn anything of value from viewing the film? (If so, what? ) Was the film entertaining to watch? Would you recommend the film to others? Why or why not? 4. Papers will be submitted, in class, on the assigned date. There will be a ten-point per day late penalty for papers turned in after that date. Papers are to be submitted in a two pocket report folder. In the left side pocket, place the internet articles used in your research. In the right side pocket, place your paper, which will include a title page, abstract page, text or body of report (5p), and reference page. 5. Papers should be word-processed in MS Word, double-spaced, using a 12-point Times New Roman font and should be at least eight (8) total pages in length if the directions, indicated above, are followed completely. The first section (see 3-a above) and last section (see 3-c above) of your paper will be your own words/opinion and will require no reference citations. HOWEVER, YOU WILL NEED TO CITE YOUR REFERENCES, APA STYLE, IN THE THREE PAGES OF RESEARCH (see 3-b above) WRITTEN FROM YOUR INTERNET SOURCES. NOT DOING SO WILL BE CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM AND WILL SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE YOUR PAPER’S GRADE!! 6. Papers will be graded based upon the following rubric: * Following directions (length, font, double-spacing, etc. ) 5pts. * Cover Sheet 5pts. * Abstract 5pts. * Film summation 10pts. * Research portion 50pts. Analysis of film 20pts. * Reference page 5pts. Total:100 7. Guidelines for APA-style (citations, abstract, reference page, etc. ) are attached. Further examples can be found on my website: http://www. sampsoncc. edu/staff/wolf 8. Films not included on the attached list may be used, BUT ONLY WITH PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE INSTRUCTOR. In preparing a paper in APA style, the following general gu idelines should be followed. †¢ Font Selection Font size should be 12 points, with Times Roman being preferred. †¢ Line Spacing Double-space everything: title page, abstract, paper, and reference list. Margins and Indentations Leave one-inch margins at the left, right, top, and bottom of each page. Indent paragraphs five spaces using the â€Å"Tab† feature. †¢ Page Header The page header consists of a brief version of the paper’s title (usually 2 or 3 words), followed by five spaces and then a page number. Starting with the title page, it appears in the upper-right corner of each page of your paper, including the reference page. Use the â€Å"Header† feature of your word-processing program to insert the header information. I. Title Page (or Cover sheet) (page 1) Name Title of Project PSY 281-0A Date II. Abstract Page The abstract follows the title page/cover sheet (it is page 2 of your paper) and is a one- paragraph summary of the content of your paper. The abstract should be no longer than 120 words. Because it is a summary of your project, it should be written after your paper is complete. Guidelines: Two lines below the page header, type the word, Abstract, and center it. Two lines below that, begin the paragraph, which should be unindented and double-spaced. III. Text (or Body) of Paper The text of your paper begins on page 3. The page header appears on the top line. Two spaces below that, center the title. Two spaces below the title, the paper begins. Five pages, minimum, with text notes when citing research. IV. Reference Page The list of references used comes at the end of your paper and begins on a new page, continuing the numbers from the text of your paper. Two spaces below the page header, center the word, References. Two spaces below that, begin the first reference entry. The entries should be entered alphabetically by the author’s last name. If the author’s name is not given, alphabetize by the first major word of the title of the source, omitting A, An, or The. Each entry should start at the left margin; additional lines for that entry should be indented 5 spaces from the left margin. The reference page should be double- spaced. There are NUMEROUS sources on the internet for APA-style papers (besides my web site). One very good one is: http://owl. english. purdue. edu/handouts/research/r_apa. html Parenthetical Citation The APA system of citing sources indicates the author’s last name and the date, in parentheses, within the text of your paper. A. A typical citation consists of the author’s name and the year of publication. Example: Charlotte and Emily Bronte were polar opposites, not only in their personalities but in their sources of inspiration for writing (Taylor, 1990). Use the last name only in both first and subsequent citations, except when there is more than one author with the same last name. In that case, use the last name and the first initial. B. If the author is named in the text of your paper, only the year is cited. Example: According to Irene Taylor (1990), the personalities of Charlotte and Emily. . C. If both the name of the author and the date are used in the text, parenthetical reference is not necessary. Example: In a 1989 article, Gould explains Darwin’s most successful. . . D. When the reference is to a work by two authors, cite both names each time the reference appears. Example: This theory often has been used to explore patters of various insect mating (Alcock Thornhill, 1983). â₠¬â€œOR- Alcock and Thornhill (1983) also demonstrate †¦ E. When the reference is to a work by three to five authors, cite all the authors the first time the reference appears. After that, use the first author’s last name followed by et al. (Which means â€Å"and others†). Example: This pattern has long plagued the internal politics of college administration in Texas (Douglas et al. , 1997). F. When the reference is to a film, begin with the director’s name followed by the year of the film’s release. Example: (Speilberg, 1989) G. When the reference is to a work by a corporate author, use the name of the organization as the author. Example: Retired officers retain access to all of the university’s educational and recreational facilities (Columbia University, 1987). How to cite Project Guidelines, Essay examples

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Consumer Behavior Activities and Decision

Question: Discuss about the Consumer Behavior Activities and Decision. Answer: Introduction Consumer behavior refers to activities or the decision of buyers in purchasing any goods or services (Rani 2014). There are various factors affecting the buyers behavior of the, wherein demographic trends has a huge contribution in shaping the behavior. In this regard, demographics make a description of a population in terms of size, structure and distribution in which demographic trends defined as the change in consumers preferences based on others purchasing behavior. Consumer behavior is largely affected by the demographic trends directly and by other related attributes such as personal values or styles of decision among others (Hawkins 2010). Therefore, it is stated that demographics feature plays a pivotal role in improving buying decision process of consumers. Parallel to the change in products availability and adoption of strategic priorities by companies, it is also evident that the development of demographic factors has influenced the buying pattern of consumers and the perf ormance of the society in business process. In this regard, certain factors such as age, gender, income have came into sight as good forecaster of consumer behavior and other market issues (VilÄ ekov Sabo 2013). Therefore, the paper intends to conduct an in-depth analysis to describe the affects that might face by major industries such as entertainment, fitness and food chain due to the demographic trends. In accordance with the paper objective, certain demographic trends has been selected and elaborated through the following subsections. Effects of the demographic trends on Industries Present Longer Life Span of Senior Citizen In the recent decades, the growing interests on fitness among senior citizens can be seen for which the senior citizens are spending a quite amount in keeping themselves fit with the growing age. Hence, the gym operators and fitness clubs are generating good profits due to such behavior of consumers. In addition, the fitness market has also now understood that higher profitability can be generated in the business by encouraging senior citizens towards healthy life style and maintain a better living standards (Campbell 2003). Since the senior citizen have comparatively lesser responsibilities for which they mostly prefer to watch TV, as it is found that 46% of this group watches TV (Nielsen 2015). Therefore, it can be stated that the entertainment companies have huge opportunity in enhancing profitability and revenue to attract this group by offering various types of programs and on demand movies. Netflix, a renowned entertainment company, has understood the stated fact and provided online DVD rental services that have attracted huge numbers of customers (Pearson 2006). On the other hand, concerning the restaurant business, it is apparent that spending on quality food has been a priority for senior citizen, as 54% of the group is willing to pay more for higher quality products and services (Nielsen 2015). Baby Boomers Generation are Approaching Retirement, but with Money The gym and fitness centers have attained healthy growth over the past few years. Increasing health conscious among people has played a major role in attracting consumers towards gym memberships. The baby boomers generation has moved to retirement along with more time and money to spend in gym and fitness centers. This demographic trend has improved the performance of the fitness sector, as their target market has focused towards the baby boomers as well. Therefore, membership of baby boomers has made a positive impact on the growth of gym and fitness centers (Kratzman, Stamford 2002). On the other hand, Netflix, Stan and Presto have also gained popularity among the baby boomers, as watching television programs on device is one of the popular methods of getting entertainment for this generation. With the money in hand to spend, the generation has contributed immensely in developing the business of Pay TV (Mason 2015). Spending power of this generation also have huge impact on the restaurant as well, wherein flavor is considered to be the most important factor to enjoy in restaurant along with better quality (FONA International 2014). Therefore, restaurants have currently concentrated to implement differentiate strategies to include wide ranges of tastes in their menu to attract the target customers (White 2013). Generation X with A Growing Family Household and a Huge Mortgage Generation X has helped to enhance the performance of the fitness industry along with high profitability and market preferences. This particular group has influenced the gym and fitness centers through number of permutations. The fitness pros of the generation have always attempted to share information, due to which personal training has become the driving force of the industry (Vogel 2011). However, concentrating on the entertainment industry, it is evident that the household net worth of generation X has declined between the year 2005 and 2010 due to which they were stuck in huge mortgage. Therefore, the generation X contributed comparatively lesser attention towards the pay TV player such as Netflix (Briody 2012). While on the other hand, the food chain businesses have enjoyed huge benefits by the generation, as around 75% of the generation is eager to pay for the healthier food (Nielsen 2015). Majority of disposable income is spent by this generation in restaurants, which has increased the popularity of the restaurant business as well (Gordon Food Service 2016). Present Smaller Family Unit and More "Single Adult" Households Generation Y is considered to be the most heath conscious population. The fitness sector has gain high revenue within the past few years with the development of aspiration shoppers such as generation Y, who believes in displaying high-end taste. To maintain social status, this group spend huge amount in enhancing fitness and healthy life style. According to the report presented by the IBIS World (2012), the revenue of personal trainer sector has risen up to 1.4% in 2012, which clearly indicates the contribution of this generation in improving financial capability. It is evident that this generation has grown up with internet and mobile communications for which they prefer digital stations such as Netflix to get the entertainment (Ouye 2011). Thus, it can be stated that the business of pay TV such as Netflix has grown with the inclusion of the generation Y, as its customers. The generation Y visit restaurants double the rate of generation X, which has become a major part of their life style (Thompson 2012). Other Important Demographic Trends Effecting Industries Age and Life Style People nowadays try to get involved in variety of physical activities to keep them fit and aligned with the current trends. Children engage in exercise for fun and foster. Fitness and gym centers have become popular in different types of age group and life style. These centers facilitate variety of physical activities for people to meet the fitness need. With the changing the life style, people are also attracted towards gym and fitness clubs. Thus, fitness centers have included latest technology for providing better physical exercise experience to consumers. This industry has improved its business by creating enjoyable and convenient environment for all age groups people (John Wiley Sons 2007). Digitalization has made the life comfortable for people, which also changed the living standards of people. Hence, the major players of Pay TV have able to grab the attention of customers through the digital media. With better network services, the consumption of such players has risen acros s the globe. People has brought changes in the lifestyle with the advancement in technology and heading towards more convenient way of experiencing movies and shows through digital media (Ernst Young 2011). In the similar context, visiting restaurants has become a major part in the lifestyle of people to enjoy quality services and food along with standard environment. Hence, the business of restaurants develops for engaging more people to expand their target arena (Holroyd Elliott 2010). Increase in Household Income Better income level can influence the health of a person, as people with low household income unable to gain the opportunity to improve their heath through physical activities or high quality living standards. The gyms and fitness centers are widened by people with healthy household income (Woolf, et al 2015). The revenue of fitness and gym centers has increased with the involvement of more people (Woolf, et al 2015). On the other hand, concerning the entertainment industry, increased in household income has simultaneously increased the demand of Netflix and other services. People have understood the impact of on demand TV as compared to the traditional TV (LRG 2014). In the similar context, majority of the restaurant industry profit generates from the people with higher household income level. People having good household income tend to spend time and money in visiting restaurants. Thus, increase in household income plays an important role in growth of the business specifically entertainment, food-chain and fitness (National Restaurant Association 2014). Conclusion Demographic trends play an important role in consumer behavior. Changes in demographic factors affect the buying decision of consumers. There are three major industries including fitness, restaurant and pay TV, which can have significant impact from different types of demographic trends. It is evident that the senior citizens and baby boomers huge contribution in boosting the fitness industry, restaurant business and Pay TV as well. In addition to this, the Generation X also assists in flourishing the business of fitness, but due to recession interest, the pay TV has comparatively less developed. The most energetic along with enough time and money, Generation Y has added benefits to all three industries. Age and lifestyle, increases in household income are some important demographic trends, which make a serious impact on the fitness, pay TV and restaurant business. References Briody, B 2012, Actually It Is Generation X That Suffered Most from the Recession, Business Insider, viewed 02 September 2016 Campbell, D 2003, Fitness Is the New Bingo as Oaps Hit the Gym, Home, viewed 02 September 2016 FONA International 2014, Baby boomers: A boom to your business, Trend Insight Report, pp. 1-8. Gordon Food Service 2016, Gen X and the Dining Experience, Idea centre, viewed 02 September 2016 Hawkins 2010, Consumer Behavior 11E (Sie) With Cd, Tata McGraw-Hill Education, United States of America. Holroyd, J, Elliott, C 2010, Canadas restaurant industry putting jobs and economic growth on the menu, Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, pp.1-12. Ernst Young 2011, How organizations must adapt to changing consumer behavior, The Digitization of Everything, pp. 1-16. 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